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S/Notify for Bitbucket

Using an S/Notify release before version 2.0? Then please refer to Earlier Versions for the appropriate documentation.

The following pages guide you through the installation and configuration of S/Notify for Bitbucket:


See Installation - S/Notify for Bitbucket for detailed information about how to install S/Notify.

Please also refer to this page with regard to what to observe when updating S/Notify or Bitbucket itself.


The following documentation pages provide detailed information about the configuration option of S/Notify.

In Common User Scenarios, we have described recommended settings for some common requirements. They can be a good starting point for you to quickly setup S/Notify for your environment.

Administrator Configuration

To access the global configuration settings for S/Notify for Bitbucket, select Manage apps from the Administration menu. In the left menu, find the S/Notify section with the following configuration options:

  • Encryption Settings – to configure how and when encryption should be used
  • User Key Management – to manage your users' public PGP keys and S/MIME certificates required to encrypt outgoing emails
  • Server Key Management – to manage the server's private PGP keys and S/MIME certificates required to  sign outgoing emails

User Configuration

Users may be allowed to complement or override PGP keys or S/MIME certificate settings in their User Profile section.

This page describes the additional options for Bitbucket users which are added to their user profile once S/Notify has been installed.

  • User Settings – for users to view and optionally upload their own PGP key or S/MIME certificate

Per-project Configuration

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