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(3.x) S/Notify for Jira

The following pages guide you through the installation and configuration of S/Notify for Jira.


See Installation - S/Notify for Jira for detailed information about how to install S/Notify.

Please also refer to this page with regard to what to observe when updating S/Notify or Jira itself.


The following documentation pages provide detailed information about the configuration option of S/Notify.

In Common User Scenarios, we have described recommended settings for some common requirements. They can be a good starting point for you to quickly setup S/Notify for your environment.

Administrator Configuration

To access the global configuration settings for S/Notify for Jira, select Manage apps from the Administration menu. In the left menu, find the S/Notify section with the following configuration options:

  • Encryption Settings – to configure how and when encryption should be used
  • User Key Management – to manage your users' public PGP keys and S/MIME certificates required to encrypt outgoing emails
  • Server Key Management – to manage the server's private PGP keys and S/MIME certificates required to decrypt incoming emails and sign outgoing emails

User Configuration

Users may be allowed to complement or override PGP keys or S/MIME certificate settings in their User Profile section.

This page describes the additional options for Jira users:

  • User Settings – for users to view and optionally upload their own PGP key or S/MIME certificate

Jira administrators can activate per project encryption which enables project administrators to control encryption individually for their project from the project settings.

This page describes the additional options for project administrators:

  • Project Settings – for project administrators to view and optionally control encryption for emails referring to their projects

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