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Service Level Agreement


Server licenses are perpetual and include one year of maintenance. After that, maintenance fees paid via Atlassian Marketplace apply. Data Center licenses are fixed-term and include maintenance.

Maintenance basically means access to all software upgrades and technical support at Standard Support level.

Support Levels

We provide Standard Support for all our apps marked “supported” on the Atlassian marketplace. If required, Advanced Support is available directly from us.

We strive to respond to every request within one business day, but we are usually faster. The amount of time needed to provide a work-around or fix is variable based on the nature of the issue and the information provided. However, it is our aim to help you as quickly as we can.

We do our best effort to resolve each request in the shortest time reasonably possible. We provide support in accordance with this SLA but cannot be held responsible for delays caused by incomplete problem reports, outstanding client replies, or other reasons outside of our control. 

Standard Support

Standard Support is included with the license and maintenance fees paid via Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Time to first response: 1 business day

  • Hours of availability: 8 hours per day, 5 days a week

  • Support via: email only

Advanced Support

Premium Support can be chosen at an extra fee per instance, payable directly to us.

  • Priority processing

  • Time to first response: 4 business hours

  • Hours of availability: 8 hours per day, 5 days a week

  • Support via: email, as well as phone and/or screen sharing if necessary

Do you need even better support? Ask us for our Premium Support.

Support Scope

We always accept and welcome suggestions and feature requests from all users!

Within scope

  • Answering questions regarding the functionality or interoperability of our apps

  • Help with installation issues with our apps

  • Help with issues arising out of our products' upgrades

  • Help with functional issues with our apps

  • Troubleshooting issues with our apps

  • Providing work-arounds or fixes or both (at our discretion)

  • Updates regarding important changes or issues with our apps

Out of scope

  • Product training

  • Installations without a valid and current license or active subscription

  • Installations on Atlassian platform versions that are beyond end of life

  • Installations on non-compatible Atlassian platform versions

  • Beta or development releases

  • Individual customizations

  • Support in any language other than English or German

We strive to help you with the integration with third-party software (neither Atlassian nor ours), but limited to the point where it is beyond our control.

However, out of scope support can be provided separately if need be. Please inquire.

Atlassian Community

Aside from the support options explained above, you may also find answers to your questions in the Atlassian Community. While we check the Community every now and then and provide our answers there, other Community members can help you as well, and everyone will profit from a solution posted there. 

Of course, we cannot be held liable for any advice given by third parties in the Atlassian Community.

Getting support

You can contact us using the contact info published on the support page of our app entries on the Atlassian Marketplace.

If we need to contact you pro-actively, we will do so via the email addresses provided in your Atlassian account under which our apps' licenses are registered. Please make sure that your contact data are valid. We cannot be held responsible for failure to reach you due to invalid or outdated contact data.

Business hours

Our support team’s core working hours are 9:00h - 17:00h CET. Business days are Monday to Friday, excluding national and regional holidays in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


We reserve the right to make essential changes to this SLA not earlier than a minimum of three months after we have informed paid license customers about it. We reserve the right to make non-essential changes (clarifications, detailing, minor modifications) at any time.

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