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Security Advisories

Please make sure you subscribe to our security updates blog to receive notifications about vulnerabilities!

You should also check that you have provided a working and useful email address in the technical contact of your Atlassian account.

This is a list of all Security Advisories we have published for S/Notify for Jira, Confluence, and/or Bitbucket

Our Security Measures

No software is free of issues. However, security issues require a special treatment, and this is how we strive to provide our software with the highest possible quality with regard to security:

Automated Tests

Our apps have to pass automated testing each and every day. Each source code modification will be tested against our set of automated tests.

The main purpose of our automated tests is avoid regressions. Therefore, the apps' core functionality as well as all critical fixes and most other fixes will be guarded by an automated test.

Bug Bounty and Responsible Disclosure

S/Notify takes part in a bug bounty program and follows our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (follow link for details).

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