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Atlassian's End of Server

Atlassian has decided to end support for Server applications, including support for Server apps.

However, Atlassian continues to support on-premise installations through its Data Center editions.


Since February 2, 2021, you can no longer buy new Server licenses.

Since February 15th, 2023, you can no longer buy new apps for your existing Server licenses, including conversions from free app trials to app purchases. Renewals of existing app licenses are possible. They are prorated with an end date of February 15, 2024 PT to match your Server products' end of support date.

From February 15, 2024, Atlassian will no longer offer technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities.

Server Customers

With Atlassian discontinuation of Jira Server and Confluence Server until 2024, customers will have to convert to Data Center editions if they want (or need to) to continue self-hosting and get support and maintenance from Atlassian.

S/Notify Email Encryption for Data Center

The S/Notify Email Encryption app is available for Data Center.

  • S/Notify for Jira has become available for Data Center since version 3.2.1 (released July, 2020).

  • S/Notify for Confluence has become available for Data Center since version 3.4.1 (released December, 2021).

  • S/Notify for Bitbucket Data Center has been available right from its first release (in January, 2022).

S/Notify Email Encryption for Cloud

Due to limitations in the API that is made available by Atlassian for Cloud apps, it is currently not possible to provide the S/Notify Email Encryption functionality for Cloud.

It is unknown if and when this will change. Currently, Atlassian’s way to protect confidential information is to remove it from any notification emails (see If you want Atlassian to enable us to provide email encryption in Cloud, it may help if you add your vote to JSDCLOUD-8850: Implement API for S/MIME Support, and also to


If questions remain, or if you need help to migrate to Data Center, feel free to contact our service desk and ask us!

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